Laser cutting

LaserThe technology of laser cutting (or laser beam cutting) are a group of process that allows to mold pieces without having contact with the initial material. These technologies work by directing a column of light beam of a single wavelength through a nozzle to a laminar material, a combination of heat and pressure in a very small area allow that the material to melt, burn, vaporize or it is separated by a current of air or gas, thus achieving very clear in the cutting or graving.

The nozzle which directs the laser beam is guided with precise computer numerical control methods that follow an – usually bidimensional – digital model as a reference. These control and precision make it possible to create complex pieces that have an intricate geometry and whose production could not be achieved with traditional methods.  Laser cutting technologies can be used in different materials, adapting the type of beam, weaves, and gas applied in the nozzle.

In Tecnoimpre 3D, we are specialized in cutting and engraving technologies with laser beam in plastic sheets made with different calibers, surfaces and colors. The precision of this technology is a key element for the interaction among pieces created with this and other rapid prototyping methods. Since they are thermoplastic materials, we also offer thermoforming of laminated pieces, which is an ideal method to form models from laser cut and engraved pieces.

High Precision

This technology offers incomparable quality and precision due to the fact that the cutting tool never comes into contact with the cut material; also, this is why the cutting system does not wear away and variations by use are not created. For example, while it is hard to create very small details with other prototyping methods, with laser cutting technologies it is possible to cut rectangular holes of 1 mm in diameter.

Fidelity and Control

One of the advantages of this technology is that due to its precision and control, the resulting pieces are identical to those projected in the screen before the cutting process, another reason why the technology is often used for cuts and engraves of brand identifiers. Plus, said control also allows us to make the most of the material, since every centimeter can be used.

Concentred Energy
In some cutting roughing methods, the material temperature rises so much that it deforms the initial sheet, giving undesired results. Laser cutting and engraving with laser beam focuses all of its energy in a very small area; this detail guarantees that the temperature will not affect the piece, avoiding its deformation.

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