Maquinado CNC

CNCMachining by numerical control (or CNC for its acronym in English) refers to a group of processes in which a material is modified by wearing parts, removing all unnecessary material to achieve the desired geometry, this group of processes is known also as manufacturing by subtraction of material. Machining by numerical control can use different tools depending on the geometry and function of the piece to be generated.

In Tecnoimpre 3D we know and handle this group of robust technologies, and thanks to our numerical control machining equipment we can generate high precision parts in materials such as aluminum and steel.

As in 3D printing and laser cutting technologies, numerical control machining depends on a digital model that serves as a guide for the generation of parts.

Perfect replication:
Thanks to the level of precision achieved by this process, the pieces can be produced in series and maintain minimum variations, achieving an ideal consistency in small-scale productions, an attribute that is very difficult to achieve in metallic materials with other manufacturing technologies.

Efficiency and speed:
One of the most important benefits of the metal machining by numerical control is the time factor. With the wide range of cutting and grinding tools available in these technologies, high complexity pieces can be achieved in times that would be impossible to match with traditional methods.

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