Tevo – Little monster

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Contrary to the “Little“ in it’s name, the Tevo Little Monster which is Tevo’s first Delta 3D printer kit actually has one of the biggest build volumes available on the market. It comes as a partially preassembled kit (with about 80% of it already assembled) offering some interesting features that you won’t find in most printers. You should be able to have the printer up and running within one to two hours of assembling.


The Creatr HS has the largest build volume in its class, with an astonishing volume of 13.6L and the possibility to print objects up to 28cm of length. The big building volume gives you freedom to design, make up-to-scale prototypes and other endless printing possibilities. A whole lot of centimeters fit into our printers, so splitting up your model in multiple parts and reassemble it afterwards, has come to an end.
If you can design it, you can build it.


The complete structure of the Creatr HS is made out of standard industrial grade aluminum parts and therefore built to last. The accuracy of the printer is unaffected by temperature changes and does not diminish over time.


HS stands for High Speed. With a print speed up to 300mm/s the Creatr HS will get you your prints extremely fast, without losing accuracy and quality. Use of light material minimizes the weight of the extruder carriage, enabling rapid prototyping and quick results for customers.


Our dual extruder allows you to print with two types of materials or colors at the same time, broaden your range of applications. Using two types of material is crucial when printing with support structures. Our water soluble PVA support allows users to rinse away the support structures after printing, leaving a clean and high quality print.

For designers, dual extrusion offers the opportunity to print with two colors in one print. Go ahead: mix and match your MAXX filaments!

  • Layer height (mm) 0.02
  • Extruder / nozzle diameter (mm) 0.35
  • Heated printing environment Up to 90° C

  • Body / Construction
    Aluminium extrusion profiles
  • Printer dimensions (cm)
    63.3 x 48.6 x 52.3
  • Printing speed (mm/s)
    30 – 300
  • Travel speed (mm/s)
    40 – 400
  • Dual Extruder: Yes
  • Stand-alone (USB): Yes
  • Max print volume (liter)
  • Compatible filaments:
    ABS, PLA, PVA, Nylon, Brick, Hybrid transparent
  • Description

    • Printer Type: Delta Nozzle .
    • Diameter: 0.4 mm
    • Extruder Type: Titan – Flying Extruder
    • Nr. of Extruders: 1
    • Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
    • Printing Material: ABS, PLA, Nylon, Flex…
    • Large Build Size D340x500mm.
    • Max Printing Speed: 300 mm/s.
    • Full CNC Structure.
    • Titan Extruder.
    • Filament: PLA, ABS,Flexible PLA, HIPS,WOOD,PVA, Nylon.
    • Easy to Use,Simple Maintenance.
    • MKS TFT28 Touch screen.
    • Glass ceramic.
    • Heatbed heats Faster.
    • Auto-calibration with ANTCLABS BLTouch.


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